Lightspeed Pro DE CMH 1000W 2100 Umol Double Jacket Lamp

Product Code: 120025

The perfect solution for indoor growers to adopt the newest technology in horticultural lighting. A direct replacement for existing 1000W DE grow lamps, the Lightspeed CMH DE lamp acts as a conversion lamp for any double ended reflector or fixture.


Produces more PAR per watt than standard Metal Halide
Unmatched spectral efficiency including UV and IR
Long life span with minimal deterioration
Complete spectrum to take plants from veg to flower


Experience the significant difference in light output and spectral quality over traditional MH and HPS lamps without swapping your whole system!


Initial Lumens: 100000
Rated life: 10000 hr
PAR value: 2000 µmol/s
Correlated color temperature: 3000K
Color rendering index: 90+
Operating position: H
Nominal lamp wattage: 1000W
Nominal lamp voltage: 230V
Nominal lamp current: 5.2A
Max overall length: 394mm
Max bulb diameter: 55mm
Bulb shape: T32.5
Bulb material: UV block quartz
Arc tube material: PCA
Bulb finish: Clear

NOTE: The Lightspeed Pro DE CMH 1000W lamp is not compatible with the “Boost” or “Super Lumens” feature found on many electronic ballasts. Exceeding the recommended driver output could result in premature failure.


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