Lumigrow LED Barlight

Product Code: 103200

Smart LED Grow lights for high density cultivation. The LumiGrow BarLight is designed with greater production and profits in mind. This state of the art light fixture fits perfectly into PIPP’s vertical grow racks and other leading racking providers

  • PPF 1712 µmol/s (HybridSpectrum ) or 1750 µmol/s (Targeted Spectrum)
  • One BarLight fixture contains 8 light bars connected to 1 smart power supply
  • The EasyRail system allows for a perfect fit into standard vertical racking systems
  • Rugged IP65 rating
  • Voltages: 120V – 240V & 277V – 480V

Download the LumiGrow BarLight Product Sheet_Hybrid .pdf
Download the LumiGrow BarLight Product Sheet_Targeted Spectrum .pdf


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