Thrive Infinity 2.0

Infinity 2.0 for Multi-Tier Cannabis Veg & Multi-Tier Leafy Greens
Infinity 2.0 can get within 6-inches of your canopy, which allows you to maximize the number of vertical shelves in your grow operation. Hallmarks of Infinity 2.0 include delivered light intensity of 200-400 PPFD, excellent uniformity across the canopy, and user-friendly installation.
Infinity 2.0 for Propagation
Infinity 2.0 delivers a uniform blanket of low intensity light to a propagation canopy in the range of 50-200 PPFD. 0-10V dimming enables the light to be adjusted to the perfect intensity for tissue culture, clones, cuttings and plugs. As the plants grow, the intensity can easily be modified as needed.

Download the full spec sheet here
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