Whether you own your own business, manage a team or fall into the worker bee category, poor lighting may be affecting your performance. It’s estimated that our sense of sight is responsible for 85% of the information that our brain processes. If lighting levels aren’t adequate, it can lead to eye fatigue, head aches and even depression. All these things factor into how happy and productive we are in the workplace.

The other key consideration is how lighting can impact our circadian rhythm, also known as our internal clock. This is what helps us to feel energized or tired at different times of the day. The lighting level and colour temperature play a huge role in how we feel. Daylight (blue or cool lighting) helps us to feel more energized while candlelight (or lighting with a red hue) helps us to feel more relaxed and tired.

Traditionally we have leaned more towards the red-light side of the colour spectrum as it promotes a relaxed environment, but science is now telling us that it’s counter-productive. Although cool lighting may not be as visually appealing, it helps us to maintain a steady energy level in the workplace and get more done!

A study by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68% of employees complain about their office lighting.

What are the signs that the lighting in your office is inadequate?

  • People often complain of headaches or fatigue
  • Absenteeism rates are higher than normal
  • There are shadowy or dark spots in the office

The other factor to consider is the age of your lighting system. If you haven’t done an upgrade in a while, it may be a good idea to have an expert come in to do an assessment of your workplace.

There’s a cost associated with upgrading your lighting, however the energy savings and increase in worker productivity will make it worthwhile. Even if your company leases office space, we’ve helped many clients work out a cost-sharing plan with their landlord. It’s a win-win for both parties as the business owner gets better lighting for their staff and the landlord increases the value of their property.

Although lighting isn’t something that we think of daily, it’s something that affects our performance and well being every day. Take a minute to evaluate the lighting in your workspace…are you a victim?

About the Company:

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