Gold Leaf is pleased to share new details about Ontario’s ‘Save on Energy’ programs, in coordination with the Independent Electricity Systems Operators (IESO). There are several programs available for Ontario businesses, that will allow you to achieve continuous energy improvements, implement energy-efficient measures, and even to receive funding to hire an Embedded Energy Manager for your organization.

These programs specifically focus on meeting the needs of Ontario’s electricity system by improving the access, and delivering strategies and programs for those who need them most, including commercial, industrial, institutional, on-reserve First Nations and income-eligible electricity consumers. Most of the Save on Energy programs launch the week of January 4, 2021. More details on dates and deadlines can be found on their website, and specific rebates and financial incentives can be found under the program descriptions

As always, please reach out to us here at Gold Leaf Technologies for any questions regarding the Save on Energy programs, as well as how we can provide advice and guidance navigating the rebates and financial incentives space in Ontario; you can email us at or call us at +1 833-453-5323.