Imagine if you could detect airborne pathogens in your greenhouse before widespread damage to your crop. What might that technology mean for your peace of mind as a grower, and the protection of your plants? Scanit Technologies exists to solve a previously unmet need in agriculture, by providing a way to physically detect airborne pathogens before infestation, enabling growers to take preventative action. The proprietary SporeCam™ platform captures, inspects, classifies, and alerts growers of the presence of harmful airborne pathogen spores, allowing growers to optimize pest management practices, minimize yield losses, and have efficacy proof that their actions are working to control disease.

Scanit Technologies and Gold Leaf Technologies are pleased to partner together to imagine a world where knowing what’s around you will enable preventative actions to avoid crop loss and sickness.​ The SporeCam™ helps to facilitate growing nutrient dense, high quality food in controlled environments. The transformative technology of the SporeCam™ platform can be used inside or outside, to provide spore data and microclimate information, including temperature, humidity, and more, all at the farming level.

How exactly does the Scanit SporeCam™ work?
Scanit Technologies has collected thousands of samples in a controlled environment, in collaboration with scientific industry partners, academic institutions, as well as at their headquarters. This historical data teaches the SporeCam™ how to recognize, detect and classify airborne pathogens and diseases in its environment. Once Scanit Technologies achieves a high repeatability of detection and classification accuracy, they release the fingerprint signature to the cloud and make it available to our customers.

What will the SporeCam™ do in my facility?
Once we install the SporeCam™ in your facility, the autonomous hardware begins to capture airborne particles into the proprietary media cassette. The SporeCam™ instrument combines elements of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment using optics and light fusion to obtain data on every particle captured. Data is then transferred to cloud servers for identification and analysis.

Using machine learning classification algorithms, data is analyzed for anomalies against pre-taught digital signature libraries for specific pathogens and particles. As a result, the SporeCam™ provides high confidence daily and hourly counts of airborne spores for the diseases in scope for the project.

All of the information captured from the SporeCam™ is available to growers through a unique online dashboard, and alerts are accessible via a secure, online, mobile capable portal – so you’ll always know the status of your grow.

Want to learn more about the Scanit SporeCam™?
Reach out to us at Gold Leaf Technologies at or +1 833-453-5323, to learn more about how the SporeCam™ can benefit your grow, and keep your crops safe. We can walk you through the annual subscription model, as well as the training options available to you and your team to manage the dashboard.